Thursday, December 24, 2015

Korfball tournament in Uzhhorod

We are pleased to share great news – korfball is expending to other regions of Ukraine!
On 22nd-23rd of December Uzhrohod National University was hosting korfball workshop and the 3rd korfball tournament in Ukraine!

On 22nd of December ‘Young Lions’ together with their coaches and the team from the school of the village Bartativ conducted korfball workshop for the students and coaches of Uzhhorod National University. The basic rules of the game were introduced during the fruitful training session.

 On 23rd of December 3 teams took part in the tournament. All the participants received certificates for the first, second and third places. 

The results of the tournament are the following:
1st place - ‘Young Lions’
2nd place – Team of Uzhhorod National University
3rd place – Team from Bartativ

Apart from sharing korfball interest, our korfball youth spent great time together. We are looking forward to new korfball events with more and more players involved!

At this time of Christmas holidays and New Year approaching, we would also like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Let the coming year bring you much of inspiration and strong health for playing korfball and promoting healthy lifestyle!
Wish you peace, joy and happy holidays!