What is korfball?

Korfball is the world's only true mixed gender team sport with the rules laid down so that both men and women have equal opportunities. It originated in The Netherlands and is now played in 57 countries.

It's played by two teams of 8 players (4 men and 4 women) in a 20X40m pitch divided into two halves. There is a korf on each side and each team has to score in one of these korfs by passing the ball around with their hands and shooting. Each team has 4 players (2 men and two women) on each half of the pitch, 4 of them attack on one side, while 4 of them defend on the other side. Players can only defend players of the same sex, making korfball a very strategical and interesting game.

You can find out more about korfball in the documents section of this blog.