Monday, June 22, 2015

Korfball visit to Sokolivka

We are happy to share with everyone great news – we have new korfball players in Ukraine, they are our friends from Sokolivka, Lviv region. 
Where is Sokolivka?
About 80 km from Lviv

This Sunday, 21.06.2015, our team ‘Young Lions’ together with their coaches visited picturesque village Sokolivka, where they were honored to share their korfball skills with the local community.

During the workshop our coaches Viktor, Oleh and Dmytro explained the rules of the game to everyone interested.
Local children practiced proper shooting techniques.
                   'Young Lions' played an exhibition game to show the main prinsiples of korfball.
New korfball players showed great results during the friendly match with 'Young Lions'!
We are looking forward to playing with you during the next korfball tournament.
 After the workshop the school in Sokolivka received all the equipment needed for developing korfball skills among their pupils and local youth.

At the end of the day ‘Young Lions’ had a great chance to get to know the history of the village during the excursion to the school historical museum and received memorable books from the headmaster of the school.

We would like to thank local community, school and authorities of the village Sokolivka for the warm welcome granted to us! Also we are really grateful to Bohdan Kozak, deputy of Lviv regional council, for the initiative and support provided to us, so that we could easily travel to the village and share our korfball enthusiasm there.

Let's keep practicing and sharing korfball passion all around Ukraine!

More pictures from our trip you will find following the link: