Saturday, March 9, 2013

Training practice devoted to Tactics

Today, at LLG sports hall, we had the first session dedicated to tactics  :

How to look for a good shooting position, working as a team, moving the ball around.
How to off-balance the defensive opponent, how to gain a good position in the rebound.
How to find the right moment for shooting.

We learned the 4-0 position : it maximises the amount of court space of each attacking player to work into

To receive the ball, the attacking player runs toward the korf, then changes direction to run toward the ball. As this cycle re-iterates itself, players should drift around the court in a windmill type pattern. The name 4-0 is derived from the 4 players outside the range of the korf, and 0 players inside the range of the korf. 

Click here to see it in movement

We also learned the 3-1 position : 3 players remain on the outside and one player is at the korf.

It is a standard attacking position. The player at the basket positions him/her-self to be closer to the basket than his/her defender. This position is referred to interchangeably as the "collect" or "rebound" position. This player's role is to gather the ball from a missed shot by one of the 3 outside players.

Click here to see it in movement
See some videos of today's sessioin here, or following the dropbox link, on the right.

Also, here there are three pictures of previous training session, with the Under´16 teams from Viktor´s school :