Sunday, December 2, 2012

Successful TRAINING on saturday Dec 1st

First Korfball practice of December was again very good, with a lot of focus on tactics, movements of the game, defense, etc. We were a smaller group this time (only 14 people), so the match at the end of the session was a bit atypical : 7 against 7 .... But still, good fun and good chance anyway to practice all mechanisms and rules.

For the first time since start of practice sessions there were more girls than boys !! Well done ladies !! Keep it up !! And a very good level and quality shots we could see from the female group !!

We do not have pictures this time, because with some coaches missing as well, we were all very busy playing or coaching, so no one was able to take pictures...., and we forgot the standard one at the end of the match.

So, instead of pictures, here you have some good video  :  KORFBALL show moves.  ENJOY !!