Sunday, December 9, 2012

PICTURES and info about training on DEC - 8th

We could see a good progress in all parts of the game on Saturday. Players are gaining experience and the practical exercises that we normally do are more consolidated now. Let´s remind a couple of them today :

- The passing game -- Learning about teamwork. The goal here is to practice the dynamics of passing, movements to get a clear position and escape from the defender, as well as defence skills. Competition : the objective is to achieve 10 passes amongst team mates, without the ball getting into the ground or being touched by the opponents.

- Shooting exercise -- objective here is to learn how to get into a shooting position, and to practice it, from 3 to 5 metres distance of the korf. Let's not forget the rebound : we must catch the ball before it touches the floor ! And make a good pass, at the height of the chest. Competition : two teams doing it in two different korfs, the team who reaches 10 goals first wins.

Well done NBS team !!                                      Video of the week : CATALUNYA - CZECH REPUBLIK. 2010.

Result of the match : Chorni team 7 - Chervoni team 5
(great final goal by Yarek from seven metres !! ).

More pictures : click the link to DROPBOX on the right